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    College PrepXcel

    Helping students stand out in the college admissions process

Want to give your student the competitive edge for college admissions?

Helping you showcase your child's uniqueness, because they are not just like everybody else

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Are You Ready To Help Your Child Stand Out?

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    Help your student level up their score with our ACT Prep Course - Unlocking the Mystery of the ACT

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    Individual family consultation and guidance through the college prep and admissions process

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    Simplify the college and scholarship applications process with our Standout Student High School Recordkeeping Course

Your Student is Not Like Everybody Else

In today's competitive college admissions and scholarship applications process, it is important to find ways to help your student distinguish themselves from everybody else.  They will be competing with students who have taken the same classes and made the same grades.

At College PrepXcel, we help families walk through the college prep process.  There is so much to learn.  We prepare students well for the ACT with our Unlocking the Mystery of the ACT course. Great scores open doors and help students stand out to colleges and scholarship committees.

We also teach students and their families all about the college admissions process. We discuss topics such as choosing the best college, anticipating deadlines, positioning their student to stand out by showcasing their interests and providing growth opportunities for them, understanding the college applications process, understanding college financial aid and learning how and where to find scholarships, and more.

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We Care About Your Success!

Want to help your child level up their ACT scores?

Our one-of-a-kind course gives students both individual and group coaching. In this hybrid online and live course, they learn mental preparedness and proven test taking strategies. They also learn life skills such as time management, goal setting, and mindset training that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Studies show that students who take ACT Prep Courses earn higher scores.  We've certainly seen that to be true! It is our joy to celebrate their accomplishments with them when the scores come in!

Hear From Our Clients

We are different from other college prep consultants. We offer individualized instruction and consulting. Our goal is to help you reach YOUR goals. We love to see our students distinguish themselves and show their real uniqueness. Other companies offer cookie cutter approaches, but your child is not a cookie!

The Unlocking the Mystery of the ACT course is worth the investment. Our students received guidance that they would not receive from a book or a class.  It was personalized and helped them keep exam prep as a priority in their very busy lives. The value of engaging accountability cannot be overstated!

Erika M. (Parent)

Thank you Judy for being so helpful! I have so many fears about high school, but you validated my feelings and encouraged me so much!  I feel empowered and even excited about creating a plan and moving forward! Before I was about to give up! Thank you for your help and willingness to dedicate some of your time and efforts to something like this.  

Liz O. (Parent)

Through accountability for taking practice tests, strategies for individual subject tests and overall test taking strategies, my daughter significantly improved her score on all 4 subject areas. Her greatest improvement was a 10 point increase on one subject test! Overall her average score went up 6 points!

Crystal A. (Parent)

The test taking skills learned in this course can be used for all tests and will improve my test scores in the future for other subjects.  

Mrs. Judy personalizes the experience for each student and allows them to mature in the test taking process in a way that works for them. This way, students can get their desired score and not have to work with a cookie-cutter, generalized process.  

Faith M. (Student)

I enjoy evaluating my and my
classmates progress since
starting this class, and talking
about mental test taking
strategies like excellence vs

I have improved my score significantly
since the first of the three practice tests
I have taken by putting time into figuring
out which questions I got wrong and

Caroline A. (Student)

Each time I have met with Judy, I have left feeling more confident and encouraged in my decisions for my kids' education. Judy was able to offer valuable information about planning for college, courses to take, and organization printouts.  Judy is knowledgeable and has a desire to help others succeed. 

Stefanie G. (Parent)

The course instruction and support were excellent. The ability to have accountability to the other students was very important.  I also thought the whole health life instruction was extremely beneficial. I believe my son feels more prepared for his future.  Judy gets them thinking about their goals for the future, type of occupation, which colleges to apply to, and things like that. 

I would say this class has been very beneficial to prepare the students for the ACT and their future selves. 

Liz G. (Parent)

The most helpful thing I have
learned is to pace myself. In the
first practice test I took, I did not
finish 3 of the 4 sections. I have significantly raised my scores in all 4 sections by
learning to pace myself.

Caroline A. (Student)

So Are You Ready For The NEXT Level?

About College PrepXcel

Let us help you help your child stand out!

College PrepXcel was born out of our family's journey through homeschooling high school students. When our oldest son started high school, we realized that if he was going to pursue a college degree, there were things we needed to know to help him get there.  Thus began a process of deep study and application to help make sure each of our 4 children enjoyed every possible opportunity to develop their strengths and interests and to pursue a college education if they so desired.  The result was 4 very successful students who excelled in college, grew into responsible young adults, and managed to make it through college without any student debt.

We have been advising other families with children in all types of educational settings for the past decade. We decided that it was time to scale up and really try to help as many families as we can.  That was the beginning of College PrepXcel.

We would love the opportunity to work with you and your student to help them stand out in this college admissions process and really reach for their dreams.


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Would you like to talk with us about your child's college prep needs? We would love to see how we can help.

Would you like to know more about our ACT Prep course - Unlocking the Mystery of the ACT?

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    College PrepXcel

    Helping students stand out in the college admissions process

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