Our ACT Prep course stands out above the rest because we

  • Teach proven strategies for each subject test
  • Develop an Individual Standout Student Study Plan
  • Provide mental preparedness instruction and coaching
  • Keep students accountable for their preparation work
  • Offer weekly live coaching with students and a private messaging community for them
  • Teach life skills students will use in their prep work and beyond into adulthood
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Our course gives students a competitive edge. Hear from some of our parents and students below.


Parent Review

Anything of value takes hard work and commitment. This course is worth the investment. Our students received guidance that they would not receive from a book or a class. It was personalized and helped them keep exam prep as a priority in their very busy lives. The value of engaging accountability cannot be overstated!

Before this course, my student had very little direction as to how to begin ACT preparation. She knew she wanted to give her best performance for college admissions. As parents, we felt unprepared to teach test taking strategies and wanted to give her some help.

The instructor provided excellent advice and support for both student and parent. The accountability offered is tremendous. The course has given my student an awareness of how to engage with the test itself, what's required to study the material, and how to invest her time. Judy's regular encouragement has given my student a positive attitude towards the testing process.

I recommend this course!

Erika M.

Student Review

This course really gets you comfortable with taking long tests, answering hard questions, and building your endurance.  Mrs. Judy personalizes the experience for each student and allows them to mature in the test taking process in a way that works for them.  This way, students can get their desired score and not have to work with a cookie-cutter, generalized process.

Before enrolling in this course, I would not have gotten to the range of scores I wanted.  The test taking skills learned in this course can be used for all tests and will improve my test scores in the future for other subjects. The course will help me to reach the average ACT score that certain colleges I want to apply to require.  So far, my scores have gone up almost every time I've taken a practice test.

Faith M.

Parent Review

This course really took the anxiety and the mystery out of the ACT for my student.  I highly recommend this course for both the accountability and the test taking strategies that my student will carry with her for a long time.

Before taking this course, my child had zero experience with the ACT or SAT, and I was concerned she would have anxiety about taking the test and put entirely too much emphasis on the test itself.

Judy was very helpful and understanding of working with teenagers, and she is knowledgeable about the test.

Through accountability for taking practice tests, strategies for individual subject tests and overall test taking strategies, my daughter significantly improved her score on all 4 subject tests.  Her greatest improvement was a 10 point increase on one subject test! Overall her average score went up by 6 points!

Crystal A.

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