The Standout Student Recordkeeping System

Want to Organize Your Child's High School Records and Simplify the College Prep Process?

The Standout Student High School Recordkeeping System takes all the stress and confusion out of high school recordkeeping and gets you organized. No more lost paperwork.  No more forgotten extracurriculars, volunteer hours, or lost transcripts.  In this course, we teach you how to create an organized history of your child's high school educational experience and maintain it all in one place.  Using this system will simplify the application process when your child is ready to apply for academic camps, dual credit classes, college admissions, and scholarships. It was a total game-changer for our family and we look forward to sharing it with you!

The Standout Student Record Keeping System was created to help our family keep everything straight and simplify our lives.  We hope it will do the same for you.


LearnWays to Give Your Child A Competitive Edge


Learn When to Start Keeping High School Records


Learn Which Records Should Be Kept


Discover the Secret Sauce for Making College and Scholarship Applications Easier


Learn How to Construct a High School Course Plan and Transcript


Discover the Family Secret for Making Recordkeeping and Organization Easy

What Our Clients Say!

The course helped me to bring order to what is needed, and to know how often to update things. My greatest takeaway from this course was learning to put it all in one place. Now I need to do it! I think this will be very helpful for parents whose children are entering 9th grade. Often we need direction and Judy has a working system that if followed, will eliminate hours of struggle and worry!

  • Erika M.

Before this course I had an incomplete system of record keeping. I really just didn’t know what I needed to keep or how to organize it all.  The course gave me a starting point and suggestions of how to keep records on my student. It was very helpful! My greatest takeaway from the course was looking at the samples of things to include in the record notebook. This course will get you on the right track with record keeping for your high school student!

  • Crystal A.

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