Standout Student High School Recordkeeping System

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Doing this one thing can make a huge difference for your family during the college prep years.

Simplify your life and save yourself and your child headaches and tears by setting up this simple high school recordkeeping system.

This short online course will teach you everything you need to know about high school recordkeeping.

Be defensible!  Be ready!

Benefits of Taking the Course

The course includes an in-depth explanation of the records each family should be keeping for their students, whether public, private or homeschooled.

✔️  Create a central location for all of your records

✔️  Simplify the application process for camps, colleges, NCAA athletics, scholarships, honor societies

✔️  Keep track of your student's activities, accomplishments, service, and more


The course helped me to bring order to what is needed, and to know how often to update things. My greatest takeaway from this course was learning to put it all in one place. Now I need to do it! I think this will be very helpful for parents whose children are entering 9th grade. Often we need direction and Judy has a working system that if followed, will eliminate hours of struggle and worry!

  • Erika M.

Before this course I had an incomplete system of record keeping. I really just didn’t know what I needed to keep or how to organize it all.  The course gave me a starting point and suggestions of how to keep records on my student. It was very helpful! My greatest takeaway from the course was looking at the samples of things to include in the record notebook. This course will get you on the right track with record keeping for your high school student!

  • Crystal A.

Our Story

I still remember the day my oldest son applyied to attend an academic summer camp.  It was a competitive summer camp that offered some great hands on experience and lots of fun for 50 students who were accepted into the program.  The application was thorough and required my son to list all of his extracurricular activities, leadership activities, service activities, and honors and awards in addition to including his transcript, essay and letters of recommendation.  We racked our brains for hours trying to remember everything he had done for the previous 3 years and I searched through the files and piles to compile the list of awards and other notable citations.

The following year, we endured a similar experience when he applied for an honor society and again for a statewide Business Week program.  By the time my son was preparing for college admissions and scholarships, I decided that we needed a better plan.

The Standout Student High School Recordkeeping Course is the result of educating and graduating 4 kids and fine tuning our family's approach to the applications process along the way.  This system was a real life saver for us.  It is very simple to use, but a true game changer.  I hope it will bless your family as much as it blessed mine.

Judy F.

Why Should I Organize My Records?

Following this simple recordkeeping system will save your sanity when application season rolls around.

Whether it is an application for an academic camp, an honor society, a college, or a scholarship the same information will be required.

Students and parents struggle to remember all of the details a year or two after the fact.

Recreating lists of activities, honors and awards, leadership experiences, and service hours (among other records) can be very time consuming and even frustrating.

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