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Module 10 Lesson 1

Watch the video and read the tips below.


The ACT offers an optional writing exam for students.  This exam consists of a single essay to be written in 40 minutes.

The essay test requires that you consider a socially relevant prompt and three perspectives on that prompt.  You will be expected to formulate your own viewpoint and explain it with comparison to the other positions provided in the prompt.

Successful students, on average, write about 500 words in a traditional 5 paragraph essay format.

The essay score does NOT factor into your composite score.

Most schools do not require this portion of the ACT; however, it would be helpful to check with all the colleges you plan to apply to regarding their requirements. If even 1 school requires it, then you need to take this exam. Additionally, many colleges recommend taking the essay test even if it is not required. A strong essay score can boost your college application package. Research the various schools you are considering applying to. Do any of them require the Optional Writing Test? Make a note of this in your course journal.