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What port are you in?

Action:  Watch the video and read the information below. Be sure to do the assignment at the bottom of the page.

Before we get started on this journey, we need to know where you actually are right now.  We need to get a baseline ACT score, because that will help chart our course for this journey.

Take this free practice test that is available online at

Everyone should take this practice test, even if you have already taken the official ACT.  Trust me!  There is a reason I want you to do this.

Be sure to simulate testing conditions that you would encounter on ACT test day. Take the test all at one time, preferably the same time of day that you would when taking the offical ACT test. Be sure to follow the time allowances given on ACT test day and use the calculator you will be using on test day.

Using your answer key, determine the number of correct answers for each subject test.  There should be a scale score conversion table with your practice test that will convert the raw score to a scaled score between 1 to 36 points.  The Composite Score is the score reported to colleges and universities and is the average of the 4 subject test scores. The optional writing test is scored from 2 to 12 points and does NOT impact your composite score.

If you have already taken the ACT, your scores were reported with a national rank.  Some practice tests also provide a national norms chart. The national rank reported with your scores shows you how your score compares to other recent high school graduates.  For example, a rank of 80th percentile means that 80% of the students scored the same score or below on the test.  That means you are in the top 80% of all the students who took the exam.

Be sure to hold on to this practice test.  We will be using it for several things in the days and weeks to come.

In your journal, be sure to record each of your subject test scaled scores.  Then average all of the scaled scores together, except for the writing test score, and record them in your journal. The average of your subject scores is called the composite score.  This will give us a baseline for where you are starting.  We will talk more about this later.