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Module 1 Lesson 2

Action:  Watch the video and read the information below. Be sure to do the assignment at the bottom of the page.


Download the free ACT practice test at

Follow ACT testing protocol when you take the practice test.  That means that you will take the test in one sitting and follow the time allowances given for each subtest. Take the test in written form, because we will be using this test again and again to break things down as we get going with this course.  It would even be helpful to take the test at the same time of day that you would on ACT Test Day.  In other words, pretend like you are taking an official test.  We want this baseline test to be as much like an official test as you can make it.

In your journal, be sure to record each of your subject test scaled scores.  Then average all of the scaled scores together, except for the writing test score, and record them in your journal. The average of your subject scores is called the composite score.  This will give us a baseline for where you are starting.  We will talk more about this later. Be sure to email a copy of your scaled scores to me at