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Module 7 Lesson 1

Watch the video and study the Math Test breakdown provided below.

The ACT Math Test contains 60 questions and students are given 60 minutes to take the test.  A calculator is allowed during the test, but must comply with the ACT calculator policy.  Visit for more information.

The math section covers material from Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry.  It is possible that there may be a few Trigonometry and probabilities and statistics questions. This section is comprised of 3 types of questions:

Preparing for Higher Math (57-60% / 34-46 questions) This category evaluates your ability to use algebraic methods to express and solve equations. These questions evaluate your knowledge and understanding of number and quantity, Algebra, functions, Geometry, Trigonometry, and probabilities and statistics. 

Integrating Essential Skills (40-43% / 24-26 questions) This category evaluates your ability to apply mathematical skills and concepts to solve more complex problems. These questions emphasize rates and percentages; proportional relationships; area, surface area, and volume; average and median; and expressing numbers in different ways.

Modeling questions involve producing, interpreting, understanding, evaluating, and improving models. These questions are incorporated into the other mathematical question areas. There will usually be about 16 modeling questions which will evaluate how well you use modeling skills across mathematical topics.

In your course journal, record your strengths and weaknesses on the Math portion of your practice test in your course journal. What content areas do you need to review? You should evaluate these every time you take a practice test.