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Module 4 Lesson 6

Watch the video and study the information below.

One of the greatest things about multiple choice questions is that the correct answer is given right there on the page in front of you. Of course, there are several wrong answers masquerading as the correct answer as well. Remember, there are 3 or 4 times as many wrong answers on the test as there are right answers.

Watch out for answers with the right words (terms and ideas used in the problem or passage), but when you look at the answers in context with the problem or passage, they do not actually mean the same thing the problem or passage is addressing, so it isn’t an exact match.

Sometimes, the ACT gives the right answer to the wrong question. This is tricky! Yes, the answer is correct, but it doesn’t answer the specific question that was asked. If it doesn’t answer the specific question that was asked, then it is wrong.

Find the throw away answers. I call these “the bunny did it!” answers. These are crazy answers that may be related to the topic of a passage, but the information doesn’t actually appear anywhere in the passage. It’s a throw away and it doesn’t get to stay.

If you have to guess from the remaining answers after you have eliminated some of the choices, go for it! At least you raised your chances of getting it right by eliminating some of the wrong answers.