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Pace Yourself

Do not expect to be able to finish the entire ACT. While it is possible to do that, many students do not. You can’t rush through the test as fast as possible, because you will make careless mistakes on easy questions if you do and spend entirely too much time on difficult questions that you probably won’t get right anyway.  The ACT is like any other standardized test in the respect that there are always some questions that are above grade level that are thrown in to see if the tester is advanced far beyond their peers.  In this case, that would mean that there are college-level questions included in the test.  Remember the following strategies to help pace yourself during the ACT.

Do not rush through the test – this is a recipe for careless mistakes

Knock out the easy questions first

Beware of overly difficult questions and do not get stuck in a hole trying to solve them. Pick your Lucky Letter and move on.

Through your practice testing, you should be able to learn how to pace yourself to move slow enough to answer all the easy questions without making careless mistakes, yet quickly to have the time you need to answer the medium difficulty questions to reach your testing score goal. You will use your Lucky Letter on the difficult questions as we will discuss in the next strategy. We will address how to find your testing score goal a little later.

Remember, accuracy is better than speed on this test