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Overview of the Not So Scary ACT Test

Overview of the ACT itself and breakdown of subject tests.


The ACT is not like other tests that you take in school.  The purpose of this test is to assess college readiness and it is sometimes done in a tricky way.  Questions are not usually asked in order of their level of difficulty. Students who try to work through the test in question order from beginning to end will find themselves spending entirely too much time on some questions and missing the opportunity to rack up quick points on easy questions. In addition, college-level material is sometimes included in the exam to  identify those students who are advanced far beyond their peers.  With careful study and breakdown of the ACT Test, knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, and applying our Keys to Unlock the Mystery of the ACT will give you strategies for success on the test and will help you reach your ACT Test score goals.


The BEST way to succeed on the ACT is to study the ACT itself.  Know the breakdown. Know the subject matter. Know the question style. Know the Keys to Unlocking the ACT.  Remember that forewarned is forearmed.  Familiarity with the test up front helps you to know what to expect and helps you to approach the test more calmly and well prepared.

The ACT Test is comprised of 4 tests and an optional writing/essay test.