Hello and Welcome


Hello and Welcome - Introduction and course overview

We are embarking on a great voyage together, traveling from the land of unpreparedness and stress to the land of readiness and calm. In this journey, we will follow the analogy of a ship sailing on course to its final destination.


How will this class help you? We will address mental preparedness and unlock the mystery of the ACT. Once we understand how it is put together and how questions are asked, it is not so scary. We will break down the subject tests while learning how to apply key skills such as setting reasonable goals, improving critical thinking skills, and staying calm under pressure and we will learn strategies for taking the ACT. We will cover it all.


I will do everything I can to get you ready to take the ACT, but the bottom line is that YOU are in the driver's seat here. Or should I say, YOU are steering this ship? It will all come down to your desire to practice and learn the skills and techniques that will help you raise your scores.


How long will this course take you? That depends on your readiness and skill.  You will work through the course at your own pace in accordance with the preparation time that you have available.

Be sure to build in daily study time for prep course homework and reviewing subject matter.

With consistent effort working through this course and completing the assignments, you will be prepared and confident to take the ACT on your scheduled test day. What do you think about walking into the test relaxed and ready to show your college readiness on this exam? Sounds pretty good, huh? With the proper preparation, that can be your reality!

Start keeping a journal during this course.  Day 1, page 1 write down where you are starting.  What do you hope to accomplish by taking this prep course?

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