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Demystifying the Science Test


The Science section covers material from Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space sciences, and Physics. However, this section is more a test of the student’s critical thinking/reasoning skills than it is of higher-level science knowledge.  Background knowledge acquired in general/introductory science classes will be helpful in identifying the correct answers to the test questions. Science test questions are presented in the form of data representation (25-35%), research summaries (45-60%), and conflicting viewpoints (15-20%). The section is comprised of 3 types of questions:

Interpretation of Data (40-50%) This category requires the student to analyze and manipulate scientific data presented in graphs, tables, and diagrams.

Scientific Investigation (20-30%) This category requires the student to understand experimental tools, procedures, and design and to compare, extend, and modify experiments.

Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results (25-35%) This category requires the student to judge the validity of scientific information and formulate conclusions and predictions based on that information.

Identify which question types were your strongest and weakest on your baseline practice test and record them in your journal today.