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Demystifying the English Test


The English section is comprised of 3 types of questions:

Production of Writing (29-32%) questions check if your writing is well-structured, if ideas flow smoothly from one to another, and if your paragraphs have strong beginnings and endings. You’ll need to use words that connect ideas, place sentences in the right order, write suitable introductions and conclusions, rearrange sentences if needed, and determine where to split paragraphs or achieve specific goals.

Knowledge of Language (15-17%) questions check your ability to fix mistakes, get rid of extra words, adjust your writing style to match the style and tone, use words that connect ideas, and choose the right words for each sentence.

Conventions of Standard English (52-55%) questions check your ability to use punctuation correctly, join sentences together properly, use the right verb tense, fix issues with sentence structure, and maintain consistency in verb tense, voice, and pronouns.

Identify which question types were your strongest and weakest on your baseline practice test and record them in your journal today.