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Module 6 Lesson 1

Watch the video and study the English Test breakdown provided below.

The English Test lasts 45 minutes and contains 75 questions.  There are 5 passages with 15 questions each. This test evaluates how well the student can express themselves using proper written English.

The English section of the test is comprised of 3 types of questions:

Production of Writing  (29-32%) questions test how well you organize  your writing, understand why certain words or phrases are used, and how well you choose the right words to express what you mean.  These questions also evaluate how well organized your writing is, how well it flows, and if your paragraphs have strong beginnings and endings .

Knowledge of Language (15-17%) questions assess how well you use language.  These questions check your ability to identify and fix mistakes in the written passage, create a clear and concise written expression, adjust your writing style to match the author's style and tone, use appropriate words to connect ideas, and choose the right words for each sentence.

Conventions of Standard English (52-55%) questions test your ability to use punctuation correctly, join sentences together properly, use the correct verb tense, fix issues with sentence structure, and maintain consistency in verb tense, voice and pronouns.

In your course journal, record your strengths and weaknesses on the English portion of your practice test in your course journal. What content areas do you need to review? You should evaluate these every time you take a practice test.