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Module 2 Lesson 6

Action:  Watch the video and complete the analysis form for every question on your practice test.  This is something you will do for each practice test you take during this course.  This process helps you identify trends in your testing.  You will discover that you are missing certain types of questions, certain topics, maybe making careless mistakes, and so on. It is a really helpful tool in your study process.

Be sure to record in your course journal any trends that you start to see as you work through your practice test analysis. For example, are you making careless mistakes or running out of time? Is there a particular type of question that you seem to miss with some frequency? Also, start making a list of topics that you need to review during your study time. You are becoming a detective and figuring out how you perform on the ACT test and what you can do to improve that. You will make great strides by following this process of analyzing your practice tests.