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Module 11 Lesson 1

Watch the video and read the tips below.

This section addresses ways to maximize physical and mental performance while preparing for the ACT and in the days before the test.

Nutrition - Good food, not junk food

Rest - try to get a good night's sleep every night this week, but it is essential to do that for at least 2 nights before the test.

Balance - you've done the work. This is not the time to cram. Focus your practice on your strengths. This will help you pick up as many points as possible on test day.

Perspective and Staying Calm Under Pressure - You have prepared for this. You can do this. Everything is going to be ok.

Remember that you have been in training for the ACT, much like an athlete would train for an event. You must take very good care of yourself in order to reach peak mental performance on test day. No late nights the week of the test. No marathon video games or movie binges on the nights leading up to the test. Remember to practice good nutrition, get good sleep, and get some exercise. You've got this!