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Module 9 Lesson 1

Watch the video and complete the assignment below.

The Science Test evaluates your ability to understand and interpret scientific information and data.  The test is set up in passages, similar to the Reading Test, with supporting visual graphic information and followed by 4-7 multiple choice questions. Science is all about numbers and measurements and their interpretation.  There will be 40 questions and you will have 35 minutes to complete the test. You are NOT permitted to use a calculator on this test, but you really won’t need one.  The skill they’re testing is your ability to read, understand and interpret data, not create it.  This is a test of your scientific skills more than your scientific knowledge.

The Science section covers material from Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space sciences, and Physics. However, this section is more a test of your critical thinking/reasoning skills than it is of higher-level science knowledge.  Background knowledge acquired in general/introductory science classes will be helpful in identifying the correct answers to the test questions. Science test questions are presented in the form of data representation (25-35%), research summaries (45-60%), and conflicting viewpoints (15-20%).

A more thorough written overview may be viewed at this link, click here .

Download the Science Test Overview and read it. Make sure you understand the breakdown of the test and the subject matter that will be covered on the test.