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Module 9 Lesson 2

Watch the video and complete the assignment below.

Questions on the Science Test fall into 3 categories:

Interpretation of Data (40 - 50%) These questions require you to analyze, manipulate, and interpret scientific data presented in graphs, diagrams, and tables.

Scientific Investigation (20 - 30%) These questions require you to understand the mechanics of an experiment including the tools you would use, procedure, and design to be able to compare, extend, and modify experiments.

Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results (25 - 35%) These questions evaluate your ability to determine whether or not scientific information is accurate and tehn make conclusions and predictions based on the information provided.

Identify which types of Science Test questions are your strongest and which are your weakest. Rank them and record this information in your course journal. Remember that you will want to work on your strongest area first and then work your way down the list. Your strongest area will be the easiest area for you to improve and you should see an improvement in your practice test scores as you work through this process.