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Lesson 11 Module 5

Watch the video and follow the instructions below.

In this lesson, we talked about fear and self-doubts that can lead to a fixed or negative mindset and how that can impact our ability to reach our goals and perform on the level to which we are capable.  We discussed several strategies to overcome fear and self-doubt.  Use your course journal and spend some time reflecting on your personal fears and self-doubts, specifically as they relate to the ACT, but also recognizing that these can be pervasive and affect all areas of our lives.  Identify any fears/doubts and try to remember where they originated.  Did someone say something that "got in your head?" Did you have an experience that made you think a certain way?  Then, consider how these fears/doubts may be affecting your ability to reach the goals you have set for yourself in life and on your ACT.  Consider what you could do proactively to counteract any fear/doubts/limiting beliefs you may have going into the ACT test.

Now that you know what your fears and self-doubts are, make a plan for how you will deal with them when they come up. Do not let them hold you back anymore and keep you from achieving your goals. Possible tactics include things like: practicing self-compassion (be kind to yourself and give yourself some grace), considering the best/worst case scenarios, using positive self-talk, and replacing the lies with the truth (ref the Stinkin' Thinkin' exercise we did early on in this course.