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Module 4 Lesson 2

Action:  Watch the video above and read the following information.  Be sure to complete the assignment at the bottom of the page.

Your personal wellness matters and it will affect your mental performance on ACT Test Day.  The steps you take now will affect your scores, so take some time to think about how you will prepare yourself for the big day.  You're in training! The ACT is like a major competition and you've got to make sure you're ready.

Take time to write down in your journal how you plan to keep your body and mind in good shape.  Go back to Module 3 where you were asked to set some personal goals. One of them addressed the concept we are discussing today.  I wanted you to start making an intentional choice to challenge yourself in the area of wellness, because your overall health and wellness can have an impact on how well you do on the ACT.   In your journal, write down the steps will you take to ensure good nutrition, good sleep, and exercise? How can you work rest and fun time into your week? What kind of schedule will you follow? Be sure to keep it balanced.