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Module 8 Lesson 1

Watch the video and complete the assignment below.

The Reading Test contains 4 types of questions:

Key Ideas and Details (52-60%) These questions require you to identify the main ideas and themes of the passages. You need to be able to summarize the information accurately and form logical conclusions. You must understand how different things are connected, like cause and effect or comparisons.

Craft and Structure (25-30%) These questions require you to analyze text structure and characters’ point of view, differentiate between perspectives and sources of information, and determine word and phrase meanings and analyze the author’s word choice.

Integration and Quantitative Information in the Reading Section (13-23%) These questions require you to analyze how authors construct their arguments, evaluate their reasoning and evidence from various sources, and understand claims they make. You must be able to differentiate between facts and opinions and use evidence to make connections between different texts that are related by topic.

Visual and Quantitative Information in the Reading Section questions ask the require you to interpret or identify information from a passage containing a graphic such as a graph, figure, or table.

Make sure you understand the breakdown of the Reading Test. Look over your practice tests and identify your areas of strength and weakness. Rank the question types and write this down in your course journal. Remember to begin by working on the type of questions that you are strongest in until you are consistently mastering them and then move on to the other question types. You want to be sure to make your strongest areas stronger, so that you can snag the easier points for yourself.