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Charting the Course for your Voyage

Goals are a really important part of preparing for the ACT and for life itself. What are you trying to achieve by taking the ACT? Getting into college? Getting scholarships?


You may have a desired ACT score in mind.  How did you come up with that number? Are you shooting for a 36? You probably only need that score if you are trying to get into Harvard or Yale or another Ivy League school.  Your target score should be reasonable and by setting an achievable goal, you are reducing the stress load you put on yourself.  That right there is worth A LOT!  So when you set your target score, take a look at what schools you may apply to.  They generally fall into 3 categories:  a “no prob, Bob” or a safe school that you know you can get into, a target school that may be more competitive, but you know you can probably get there, and an “In Your Dreams School” that is a whimsical dream, but would be awesome to go to if you could make it happen.  Do a little research and find out what ACT scores these schools are requiring.  If you aim for the highest required score, you should be competitive anywhere you choose to apply on your list.


Follow the procedure at the following link to determine your Target ACT Score: