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Module 4 Lesson 4

Watch the video and study the bubbling strategy below.

You are probably used to bubbling in answers one at a time as you work your way through a test.  This will cost valuable time during the ACT as you are constantly trying to find your place in the test booklet and on the answer sheet. Following these steps when answering ACT questions will help you maximize your time.

Work a page at a time in the test booklet, circling your answers directly on the test booklet page.

Make a decision on your answer and move on. DO NOT go back and change your answer. Overthinking the question will usually result in an incorrect answer AND cost you valuable time. Your first impulse is generally correct. Stick with it!

Transfer your answers one page at a time to the answer sheet on the English and Math tests or one passage at a time on the Reading and Science tests. You will find that this method is actually more accurate than answering the questions on the answer sheet one at a time.

When you get to the last few minutes of the test, you will usually receive a time warning. For example, 10 minutes remaining or 5 minutes remaining. At this point please DO bubble in each answer after working the question.

In the last minute or two of the test (you will likely be given a time warning again), bubble in an answer to any questions you didn’t have time to work. This is the time to use your “Lucky Letter.”