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Module 3 Lesson 3

Watch the video above and complete the assignment below.

It is important to identify challenges that can take you off course and make a game plan to deal with them.

In this course, we will show you strategies for how to stay calm and make the right choices.

Mastering the ACT is not solely about knowledge, but thinking skills and knowledge working together that will bring you to your desired destination on this test. We’re going to teach you some skills that will help you get to where you want to be.

We’re going to break down the test subject by subject and look at how it is structured.  We will look at the types of questions that are asked on the ACT.

Forewarned is forearmed – familiarity with the test up front helps you to know what to expect and helps you to approach the test more calmly and well prepared.


In your journal, write down anything going on that threatens to take you off course? Take time to really think about this and be honest.  What are some tools that you already have that will help you on your voyage? Write them down in your journal.