How to Help Your Child Succeed on Their ACT Exam Questionnaire

Fill out this questionnaire below if your child is gearing up for the ACT and you want to help them earn their best score, because you know how important that can be for getting admission to their choice school and earning scholarship money. We will take a look at it and see if we may be able to help you get your child on the right track to boosting their score and improving their chances of earning higher level scholarships.

ACT Prep

Just a few questions about your child's ACT prep planning.

Question 9: How serious are you about supporting your child's college prep process and setting them up for success?
Question 10: I agree that on the next page, I will book on your schedule a time that works best for me. I understand that if I miss my time with you, without rescheduling, I won't be afforded this opportunity again.