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Hi, I'm Judy

As a wife and mom of four homeschooled kids, I embraced my responsibility for setting them up for success after high school.  I was a little stunned to realize one day that I was their guidance counselor and was concerned that they would not have the same opportunities for college admission and scholarships as other students because of their homeschooling background. So, I developed systems and put them in place to position my kids to stand out among their peers. I did this because I did not want their homeschooling background to be an impediment to them reaching for their dreams, whatever those may be.  I wanted to be sure that they got the best possible educational foundation and then were able to walk through any door into adulthood that they chose.

All four kids were accepted into college.  To date, three have earned their degrees with Latin honors and no undergraduate student loan debt, and two continued on to grad school.  Our fourth is currently enrolled and on the same path as her brothers.

There are easy steps that can be taken to teach our kids how to put their best foot forward.  While I agree that not every kid wants to or even should go to college, I am here to help prepare those who choose to take that route in life to thrive in the process.

Hi!  I’m Judy.  My husband, Philip, and I have been married for 32 years and raised 4 amazing kids.  We are a family of STEM nerds and we love it! We are a pastor’s family and I serve in Community Bible Study leadership.  I am also a childhood cancer advocate and work to bring awareness and change for pediatric cancer patients and their families.

If you want to give your student a competitive edge as they prepare for the college, then come join me!