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This 5 week College 101 course will take you deeper into the 5 Crucial College Prep Steps and help you set your students up for college prep success.  We will meet virtually once per week for a group session where you will learn information and have the opportunity to ask questions. You will also have access to a private Facebook group where recordings of our weekly meetings will be posted.

In this $49 course, we will dive into:

✅Creating a high school course plan to set your student up for success

✅Understanding what records should be maintained to help your homeschool to be defensible and to simplify the college admissions and scholarship processes

✅All things ACT/SAT including why homeschoolers should have their students take college admissions tests in the current test optional environment and how a high ACT/SAT score can benefit them

✅The importance of developing your student's unique interests and talents

✅College prep, college admissions and scholarships timelines and why the junior year of high school is so important

Join us as we look at these topics and more in our College 101 course.

College 101 Begins April 11, 2024

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Our Story

I still remember the day I walked through the living room and it hit me!  Our oldest son was in high school.  He wanted to go to college and we needed a guidance counselor.  But there wasn't a guidance counselor.  It was ME!  I was the guidance counselor!  Wow!  

At that moment, I felt the weight of the responsibility. My lack of knowledge about the process was no excuse.  I needed to get busy and learn how all of this worked, because if I missed something along the way, he was going to pay the price.  I didn't want that!  I did not want my son to miss an opportunity just because I did not know how something was done.

College PrepXcel is the result of years of experience with my own family and advising others along the way.  It was born out of a heart for fellow homeschoolers and others who do not have the college admissions support that they need to help position their children well for admissions and scholarships. My passion is helping families navigate the process, thereby reducing their stress and confusion and improving their outcomes.  I absolutely LOVE to see these kids thrive!

College admissions does not have to be scary, frustrating, or overwhelming.  It is a wonderful and exciting time in life! It was not my fault that I did not know the process the first time we went through it and it's not your fault either.  However, you do not have to make the same mistakes I made.  I am here to help you skip over the pot holes on this journey so you can relax and enjoy this special time of life with your child.


College 101 Course


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